Best for Lithium-Ion Batteries Electrolyte 


Shortening time with a vacuum infusion

  • The infusion in a vacuum can effect to an electrode soaking well and it makes shorten a process time. It is available to use a revolving infusion or a pressuring process after infusion. 

Accurate infusion with a plunger pump

  • Adopting an appropriate plunger pump system for the accurate shoot 

 Dripping free with a special designed valve

  • Developed own vacuuming infusion valve and a dripping fee in vacuuming.

Infusion profile setting

  • You can set an infusion volume, vacuuming or pressure at several steps on a touch screen, so that you can infuse it at appropriate profile. 


  • Our design is considered of maintenance for air purging and disassemble-cleaning 

All custom-made automatic equipment 

  • We can design the best equipment for your own specifications.