Storage and feeding facilities are required for smooth transport. When you installed these facilities in your factory, you had deeply considered ideal design to prevent blocks of powder which leads problem of material flow.
However, in spite of the confirmed design principle for hoppers and feeding equipment, problems of adhesion and a blockage on a bulk material often happen. It is hard to define exactly at the initial stage all characteristics of a bulk material such as particle size distribution data, density, moisture, friction angle, adherence and fluidity
"Exen Flow Aid System” provides solutions. 

Trouble Phenomenon

Bridging.png BRIDGING
Bridging occurs when materials cling to the wallor compact above the discharge opening of thelower part in the hopper, and the flow of materials in the upper part is interrupted.
Arch.png ARCHING
Arching occurs when materials in the lower part of the hopper flow out from the discharge opening, and an arch strong enough to support the entire headload in the hopper is formed.
Ratholing.png RATHOLING
Ratholing occurs when materials flow only above the exit, and form a tube that leaves the hopper filled with "dead" materials which will not move.
Clinging materials and also materials easily influenced by the moisture and the temperature adhere to the wall and refuse to flow.





Relay Knocker
Relay piping function allows operation of multiple knockers by one valve. 




Stainless Steel Knocker
For food, chemistry and pharmaceutical industry
  • Anticorrosion body to increase durability and hygienic safety
  • Heat resistance is maximum up to 140 deg.C (heat resistance coupling must be used)



 Example of typical flow aid system installation




Knocker/References of installation

Clinging and compacted materials are broken loose by the impact force of the knocker piston. The impact force can be adjusted as necessary by adjusting the air pressure. 


  1. Impact force can be adjustable by input pneumatic pressure. (0.3Mpa - 0.7Mpa)
  2. Relay piping function allows operation of multiple knockers by one valve.
  3. Simple design, excellent durability and easy maintenance. 
  4. Simple working principle eliminates complicate operation circuit. Remote operation is also easy.

pic010.jpg pic011.jpg
Food and pharmaceutical plant, SS304 strage tank Iron works, Coal Banker
pic012.jpg pic013.jpg
Petrochemical plant, storage tank, plastics pellet Flour mill plant, chute

 Operating principle

pic020.gifCompressed air delivered to Knocker is supplied into the valve chest at first, pushes the valve down, and is accumulated in the compressed air chamber.
pic021.gif On operating the 3-way valve and exhausting air in the valve chest, compressed air in the chamber makes the valve travel upward.
pic022.gif As soon as the valve moves, compressed air in the chamber forces piston down energetically, and beats base plate, its percussion force eliminates clinging and blocking of materials. 

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