Drying electrodes of lithium-ion batteries is one of the most important processes of their production. Especially, if you have a plan to switch your production capacity to much larger scale a reliable and safe drying of electrodes in a short process time can only bring you a successful result.
Proven by more than 10-year experiences of our supply of drying furnaces for the production process of lithium-ion batteries, we provide the best drying solution.

 Hybrid Heating technology by Far-Infraed and Hot Air

Pre-drying Furnaces

Main Drying Furnaces

Pre-Dry2.gif main-dry3.gif
Conveyer Furnace Vacuum Drying Furnace


  • Far-Infrared Conveyer Furnace

  • Far-Infrared Multi-stack Batch Furnace

  • Roll to Roll Far-Infrared Heating Furnace

  • Coating/Drying System

  • Vacuum Drying Furnace

High speed and uniform heating

A process time can be reduced by 1/2 to 1/3 compared to conventional hot air furnaces thanks to a combination of far-infrared and hot air. A very quick and assured drying enables you to improve production efficiency.

Energy & Space Saving

Radiant heating by far-infrared ray can heat and dry electrodes directly without heat losses. The highly-efficient and compact designed furnace can save energy and space.

Clean heating

Far-infrared heater and a Teflon-coated mesh belt do not generate dusts. Clean type furnace equipped with HEPA filters is much cleaner and keep the clean hot air circulation. 


We can offer total systems including roll-in and roll-out equipment.






Hot-air heating: To raise the temperature rapidly causes a surface drying problem and makes a migration (imbalance of molecular arrangement).
Hybrid heating (Far-infrared + hot-air heating):
An ability of penetration by far-infrared prevents electrodes from a surface drying problem even when rapid temperature rising. 


Fl.gif Hot air from the nozzles inside of the furnace can float an electrode and convey it.