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We offer custom-made laboratory equipment for R&D from the development of materials to safety assessments for rechargeable batteries. 

Short process time and high accurate electrolyte infusion / filling system with vacuum atmosphere for Li-Ion Batteries electrolyte 

High speec stacking machine suitable for electrodes of Lithium Ion batteries

 Exen Flow Aid Systemexenlogo2.png

Drying electrodes of lithium-ion batteries is one of the most important processes of their production. Especially, if you have a plan to switch your production capacity to much larger scale a reliable and safe drying of electrodes in a short process time can only bring you a successful result.

ec001.jpgSodium Hypochlorite Generators for seawater

In case seawater is used as cooling water, it is necessary to disinfect seawater to prevent deposition of marine organisms, such as barnacles, sea mussels and other shellfish in cooling water systems.

Surface Condensers maintain back pressure while exhaust steam from turbines is condensed.
The condensate generated in Surface Condensers is recirculated to boilers through Feed Water Heaters and Deaerators.


Top Entry Ball Valves for emergency shutoff, burner control, etc. by non-leak technology.